Just sayin...

My love for Rutland, Vermont is incorruptable and cannot be questioned. Just something about this has soul. But I need to serve notice on something and will do so now.

If the job of an ambulance service is to get ailing people to the hospital then why must the ambulances originate at the hospital? If it goes something like this: A(hospital) to B(ailing individual) back to A(hospital) doesn't it make sense to have something closer to B anyway?

I'd be interested to see a grid of all the ambulance calls in Rutland over the past five years. I'm sure it would show a trend and wouldn't it make sense to situate the ambulance service close to that epicenter? Here, for instance, is a map of Rutland with an X marking the location of our ambulance service.

With this in mind wouldn't you agree that an ambulance service for Rutland would be, on the basic logical level, of better service here?

B right to A?

Lastly, and this is about to get really wild, if the ambulance service in Rutland boasts 7 ambulances in its fleet is there no profit to be had by having them spread out thusly:

...just sayin'. Why do the ambulances have to originate at the hospital?

Dr. K

In early November, his office sent an e-mail plea to supporters: "We would ask that you not broadcast this accomplishment out to any of your lists . . . e-mails can too easily be forwarded." They had been lucky that "thus far, it seems that no press or blogs have discovered it. . . . The longer this [regulation] goes unnoticed, the better our chances of keeping it."

So much for the Democrats' transparency - and for their repeated claim that the more people learn what is in the health-care law, the more they will like it. Turns out ignorance is the Democrats' best hope.


I most certainly feel older now. 31. There's no confusing that with a young man unless you're him, and even that is harder convincing. I feel it's safe to say that I am past my opportunities for accomplishing anything above the oridnary* and, like so many who were here before me, I begin to think about possible progeny and what they may be able to do to advance the Faith and the race. I cringe to say I've peaked when my past isn't very hilly but cest la vie. I have my health and the love of so many I don't deserve.

I think more and more of sons and daughters I might have and I begin to wonder about them reaching this age - and I selfishly ponder what they might say about me and my "accomplishments". In addition to saying, I pray, that I was faithful to the Lord, my country and them I guess I just hope they - and all who knew me I suppose- would say I lead a colorful life.

I guess I equate that with a full one.

*"extraordinary" is played out

Uncle Jobie



Blood drive contest between Rutland and Boston. Surprisingly holding our own...

I've always hated Boston. I don't need no little spongy thing to get my blood pumping. It always boils for you, Boston.

-- JBT


Sometimes it seems that other men are in control of the things I love most and I sit, far removed, roughly grinding the gears in my head like a sort of rain dance hoping to massage the clouds so many miles away.
A wise man, with clarity, should be able to view this and realizing the futility learn to love only the local things - in his own personal orbit - that he can control. But men are dreamers, which is different than being superstitious, and we can hope that any outpouring, no matter how feeble, can alter an outcome.

I stand by this assertion.
And while I have no control, direct or imagined, over the mathematically obsolete burgundy and gold heart aches for a reverberant victory over an organization so undiginified, misshapen and crude that to defeat them would be to defeat evil made manifest itself.
And I will sit in my cave and grind my gears - and I will pound my clenched fist on my tensed thigh with every score and error both. Because for the next 20 hours or's pretty much all that will be on my mind.




I'm feverishly working to organize my life while I'm, uh, not working and am so, er, unorganized. Tonight I completed the cataloging of all the letters I had written to me when I was at Boot Camp in Great Lakes, IL. I must say it was actually an emotional experience. (The cataloging, not boot camp) My Father wrote me nearly every day and as I was putting them in order by date I remembered that on 3 occasions he'd actually written me multiple times a day. I have letters from my brothers and my nieces and the birth notice of Jack and pictures of all the kids from my sisters-in-law; sheets of Oriole's scores from Christine and long, descriptive cards from my Mother with ink spilled out to every square centimeter. I have letters from all the dearest of my friends, my church family and from people I still haven't met.
What struck me most though was that if I were to embark on such an adventure tomorrow I wouldn't have as nearly great an outpouring. I'm sure my family could be relied upon - my Father at least...but I realize that I am not nearly the friend I was in 2007.
And that is no good.


Dont Ask Don't Tell

Just a couple things:

I took part in the poll that has been recently, and often, cited by the Pentagon and both the White and Congressional Houses as proof positive that overturning DADT would have little to no effect on troop morale and mission readiness.

A link was sent to us via email that sent us to a secure website where this question was asked and we were to respond anonymously. I indicated I thought it would be a bad idea. That's all I could do. There was no option for me to expound and The DOD has given me and my comrades absolutely no avenue to opine further nor have they showed any desire to "get it right". We were polled, not surveyed. Anyone who might oppose this repeal can see the craftiness in this repeal's prosecution. The Service has been railroaded into "condoing" this.
This isn't a lame duck session of's a wounded duck session.

I serve and have served with people whom I suspect are homosexuals. It's true, I don't treat them any differently - I have enjoyed their camaraderie and I have admired their service But I suspect much of many people. It's when I know, and we all know, that an issue may arise. Troops are interviewed by third party sources concerning this repeal and this is often cited...that we already serve with gays and lesbians.

But I assure you: Working when it's overcast and working in the rain are two very different things.
And the Armed Forces are not dressed for rain.